The Queen is a rare species of Gloople that appears when there are 14 or less Glooples left in a nest. It wields two curved swords.

Queens have two attacks: they will swing their sword at the player, or lunge at them. If the player swings their sword at the Queen, it will swiftly dodge. Slaying it requires precise timing. It also spawns small red bugs. If one of these bugs infects a host, it will turn it into another Queen after the original dies. Thankfully, they can be slain easily.

Appearance Edit

The Queen is red with several tendrils sticking out. It carries two large yellow swords. As it moves around, it drops small, red worms. They do not affect the player and disappear after a few seconds.

Bestiary Entry Edit

Once a nest reaches a certain size and maturity, through a process not well understood, a single Queen forms. This organism exhibits much more complex behavioral patterns and perception than other Glooples. It is not clear if the queen actually directs the actions of the nest or is simply an extension of the nest as a whole.

The queen's biology is also exceptional in that she is possessed of a pair of extremely large blade-like limbs which are most often drug behind her as she moves. However, when threatened the queen is able to make deft swipes and lunges with these lethal instruments with precision enough to match the most skilled of human equivalents. The chitinous construction of these blades is iron-hard yet light enough to be very quickly swung.

In addition to this swordsmanship, the Queen constantly produces and releases small larva when she is threatened. If these larva come in contact with a viable Gloople host, they infest and lie dormant until the host is destroyed or travels outside of the influence of the Queen. Should the Queen be destroyed while one of these larval pods remains within her reach, a chemical signal is received and the pupa bursts violently free of it's host and develops with incredible alacrity into a battle-ready duplicate of the felled queen. Engaging a Queen in combat is incredibly dangerous.

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